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Pastor Thomas Cunningham, native of Dover, Ohio and pastor of the Potter's House Christian Fellowship of Ohio, spent four years pioneering a church in Livingstone, Zambia, Central Africa. He has shared his heart and passion for the Zambian people with our local church in New Philadelphia.

Pastor Cunningham tells the story of visiting Zambia for the first time and going to a compound to preach and as he was standing there, at the beginning of the service, he was told that some of the people had gifts for him.  He had never been in this place before but watched in awe as the people in the church stood up, formed a line and began dancing up the aisle in traditional Zambian fashion. As each person reached Pastor Cunningham, they bowed their heads and clapped their hands, a sign of respect for the Lozi culture, and laid gifts in front of him.  Their gratitude for the American pastor visiting to share God's word evident on their faces and shining in their eyes.

It was at this moment, through his tears that Pastor Cunningham felt the call of God to return to Zambia with his family and pioneer a church which ultimately led to the amazing story of Livingstone, Zambia and the incredible work that God has accomplished there. 

Pastor Cunningham has plenty of stories of his family's life in Zambia. The biggest story will always be the people and their dynamic hospitality and respect for the things of God. He often notes the traditional Lozi greeting, "When you greet a Lozi, you bend a bit at the waist, cup your hands in front of you and clap quickly twice, then, holding your right wrist with your left hand, you reach out and shake their right hand, then quickly cup your hands over your heart and say, "Eni sha"...

Pastor Tom Cunningham and his wife, Marjean, will be going back to Zambia, South Central Africa in May of 2017 and he has extended an invitation to the precious hearts in the Potter's House of Ohio church to join them.  Pastor Cunningham and his team from the New Philadelphia church, joined by a team from the leadership church in Lusaka, will be preaching Crusades from town to town while traveling through the Southern Province on what is called the Southern Zambia Campaign. He will be preaching in Lusaka and surrounding areas, Mazabuka, Monze, Choma and then ending in Livingstone. 

You can be a part of the Southern Zambia Campaign! We need financing to make this a great success. Every donation we receive will go toward the Zambia Missions Team.  To make a donation, please click on the "Zambia Mission Trip" link below.  Under the giving type, please make sure you click on "Zambia Mission Trip".

Thank you for your donations and helping reach Zambia for Jesus!

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